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Standing seam modern home

designing your vision


Well designed homes are the built form of people & their desire to have relevant place for family, and also work. To hear the unique story when moving through a crafted space, the ability to make an every day task seem relaxing & enjoyable - that is the true composition of beautiful design.

Too often the worth of a building is valued purely using visual means. Creative decisions using this method can be overly influenced by temporary trends, ego & social acceptance. The true essence of a building's place, worth and belonging can be established by using such mediums as:

  • Relevance to siting & locality

  • Visual form comfort

  • Protection

  • Articulation of colour

  • A minimal & balanced mixture of materials

These mediums come together to provide spaces for the enjoyment of the everyday tasks and opportunities for amazing experiences. It is the human felt experience while using these spaces that truly speaks its success & worth.

It is also the responsibility of the designer to constantly educate & inform the client about the design and build process. Communication and trust is at the heart of designing and constructing beautiful builds.

The environment we live & work in not only has an amazing effect on your physical health, but it can also mentally shape who you are and who you may become. What is a building if it raises nothing of enjoyment or inspiration from the individuals who utilise it? As a designer we have the opportunity to generate creative & positively reactive spaces for people - where enjoyment & inspiration is given back to its users. 

Beautiful design is not the throwing together of latest ideas and trends found online and through reality media. It is the built structure of people and the way we live, shrink-wrapped into a well resolved, appropriate and detailed form.

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