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Multi-award winning designs 

designing your vision

designing your vision

Standing seam modern home

Modern beach front homes

Classic sprawling acreages

Cottages secondary dwellings

Bushfire prone & sloping blocks

Classic Hamptons

Sometimes, all you want to be

is nurtured...

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Your interior designer should set your mind at ease and structure the interior design component of your renovation or new home build

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Renovations can be an exhausting and expensive experience if you're unprepared. AED studio has extensive experience with renovations and additions and can offer cost saving advice throughout your project

This first meeting is essential in helping clients plan their new home or renovation

Choosing the right builder for your new build or major renovation can be overwhelming 

“Where do I start?” is a common thought 

Build costs & information

Use this handy calculator to help you budget your construction costs. 

Construction cost calculator

Learn about home design, construction and saving money. Home Design Directory

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