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Image - Angela Elliss

Environment - Walking the talk

On our plans


Passive solar & green design for every home

We design using passive solar principals for all our designs. Such as ample window & door shading, north orientation for living spaces, thermal massing, minimal external hard landscaping and insulation in walls and ceilings

Retaining trees for our developments

While not always possible, we recommend to all our clients to plant extra native trees, retain trees or replace trees like for like

Specifying environmental on our plans

We specify environmentally considered products in our standard specification document

In our office


We donate to Greening Australia


Committed to putting back or replacing native trees to keep Australia cool


We collect all the office waste for use in our garden


Our garden


Yes, we have a garden at the rear of our office and t's thriving! We eat well with self sown and planted plants


No chemicals used in the office

We do not use any bleaches or chemical cleaning products in our office. Natural choices only


Caring for our coast


Regular hiking along the NSW coastline sees us collecting garbage on the way

Refusing, reusing or recycling plastic bags in our office

Whether recycling plastic bags through our local supermarket or through the Curbcycle plastic bag recycling trial, we do everything we can in our office to reduce plastics in landfill and on our streets. We prepare our paper waste in bundles for recycling or create scrap paper writing pads for reuse

We use green power

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