This first meeting is essential in helping clients plan their new home or renovation. Read more below...

Angela Elliss

B. Sc. (Architecture)

Initial Consultations


* Spring Special $297.00. Includes in-home design. Call 0421 708 751.
* Sydney North Shore, Northern Beaches, Central Coast NSW, Hunter/Newcastle regions only


Initial consultations are a service that very few construction professionals offer. An in-depth consultation is essential in helping you with your plans to build a new home, undergo a major renovation, or make an addition to your existing home.

Most people do not experience the design and construction process more than once or twice in their lifetime, and the processes are constantly changing. At the initial consultation we will discuss all your thoughts in relation to your development.

Site Analysis:

We will analyse your site verbally or in written form and discuss with you the restrictions and assets of your property. This portion of the service is not only valuable to people that have already purchased a property but also to people that are in the process of buying and that have not yet exchanged, as we can discuss issues such as sun orientation verses street face verses outside living and how these factors affect greatly on the quality of living for that particular property. Analysis will also consider such things as wind direction, tree shadowing and many other factors that seem to go unnoticed when purchasing property.

The design and construction process:

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the construction industry. We can talk you through each step and discuss what you can expect at each stage of your job, or you can 'fire a million questions' and take notes, its entirely up to you!

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