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At this time we also offer our clients the opportunity to have these ideas confirmed on butter paper back at the office. This is a 2-3 hours service where we produce a pencil sketch plan that is resolved and easy to ready. You can show this to a builder.


Many of our clients are based overseas and we are able to provided initial consultations over the phone. At the initial consultation we will also analyse such things as wind direction, neighbouring homes, bushfire threats, geotechnical issues, construction concerns, tree shadowing & many other factors that seem to go unnoticed when purchasing property.


We then bring together all the above and come up with solutions and a plan of attack. This service is not only valuable to people that have already purchased a property but also for people who are in the process of buying a home. 

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the construction industry. We can talk you through each step and discuss what you can expect at each stage of your job, or you can 'fire a million questions' and take notes, its entirely up to you!

Pencil sketches

Every situation is different and after the initial consultation it's worth solidifying these ideas with pencil sketches drawn to scale scale. They look something like this.

Not everyone is a full-time developer. Most clients will only build 2-3 times in their lifetime. Building costs and processes can change so much over time and its important that you have up-to-date information. The services and processes below are what we use in our practice. It will help you better understand the design process ahead and will also help you understand what our services include.


Initial Consultations

An initial consultation is the best place to start, if you don't know where to start. Just pick up the phone. 

Initial consultations are a service that very few construction professionals offer. We provide an in-depth on-site consultation that provides you with lots of information on design, site constraints, council controls, building in bushfire prone areas and much more.  This service is perfect if you are planning to build a new home, undergo a major renovation, or are planning on adding more space to your existing home.

During the initial consultation we will:

  • Evaluate your site and building

  • Chat with you about your home and your family and the way you live

  • Provide feedback about what your home is lacking and ways of improving the aesthetics and function

  • Ask you about what frustrates you about your home and what you think you need

  • If you are able to provide a plan of the existing home we can overlay butter paper over you current house plans and provide a diagrammatic understanding of the possibilities.

Design by distance

If it's not possible to meet on site to discuss your proposed renovations or new home design we are able to provide an online & over the phone service. The service can include all the services above but delivered via apps such as Zoom, Google meet, whats app or via traditional phone etc. This design option is perfect for clients: living overseas, located in remote locations such as cattle stations and islands and well as people confined to their homes due to disabilities or pandemics (COVID or SARS viruses).


Client Brief & Proposal

We try to keep our proposals to 2 pages but depending on the complexity it may be larger. All proposals will vary in their inclusions and pricing depending on many factors including site difficulties. Here’s an example of a standard proposal. We break down the costs so you can see exactly where the money is spent and decide exactly what you will need.

Deposited plan

If you are not having a full survey done a deposited plan will need to be located. This will outline; boundary dimensions, locations and dimensions of easements and other physical things that can affect where you can build on your lot.


Dial Before You Dig (DBYD)

You will need to register with DBYD and request information for your property in relation to water, sewer, power, telecommunications and gas.


After analysing the above information it will confirm if you can build what you were planning on your property.


Depending on what you find during all stages so far you may need to engage the following:

  • Geotechnical engineer

  • Arborist

  • Bushfire consultant

  • Land surveyor

  • Hydrologist

  • Ecologist


Authority document review

Each council has their own DCP (Development Control Plan) and LEP (Local Environmental Plan). These need to be read in relation to your particular development proposal. There are also SEPP (State Environmental Planning Policies) that need to be reviewed.

Accepting the proposal

If you choose to accept the proposal we will request that you send us any documents you may have that may pertain to your property. If you do not have any we may gain these on your behalf or you will need to gather these documents as only the owner can.

Depending on your budget we will engage consultants as required and move through the items outlined in the proposal.

Authority research

We undertake the following research on our clients behalf.


Councils online mapping

The e-mapping on councils website gives you essential information such as; zoning, mines subsidence area, basic level of bushfire threat, if acid sulphate affected, flood prone or not, floor space ratio, permitted building height, erosions and flood lines. It will also show properties affected by heritage, bush reserves and protected tree areas and lots more.


Planning certificate

The planning certificate is a document pertaining to your particular property. It outlines what items affect your property and many of them are on council mapping but some are not, such as: prone to slip, soil contamination and what can and cannot be built on your lot  and other items affecting your property.

Site analysis

The site analysis is different from the Initial Consultation. It's our opportunity to look at the building and the site without input from the client in its entirety. We take lots of photos inside and outside the existing home or of the vacant site. If there is a dwelling on site we undertake a measure up of the building - sometime partially, sometime entirely, depending on the scope of works. We also take some dimensions on the outside but we usually engage a surveyor to measure external distances.

More to come...

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