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designing your vision
Initial consultations

Saving you costs and giving you peace of mind...


Many of our clients are based overseas and we are able to provided initial consultations over the phone. At the initial consultation we will also analyse such things as wind direction, neighbouring homes, bushfire threats, geotechnical issues, construction concerns, tree shadowing & many other factors that seem to go unnoticed when purchasing property.

Take advantage of our many years of experience in the construction industry. We can talk you through each step and discuss what you can expect at each stage of your job.

To book a consultation just drop an email to and we will schedule a time to suit you.

In a time of changing interest rates, increased construction costs and wavering market sentiment, you need a friend in the construction industry that's on your side. Someone that can offer information, clarity and direction in relation to your possible renovations or new build. We can also offer pre-purchase inspections on site and will tell you what you need to know about your possible purchase, the positives and the negatives. 

Initial consultations

An initial consultation is the best place to start, if you don't know where to start. Just pick up the phone or send an email to request an initial consultation ($397).

Initial consultations are a service that very few construction professionals offer. We provide an in-depth on-site consultation that provides you with lots of information on design, site constraints, council controls, current industry challenges, building in bushfire prone areas and much more.  This service is perfect if you are planning to build a new home, undergo a major renovation, or are planning on adding more space to your existing home. We also have in-house experienced renovators that know the challenges of renovating first hand.



During the initial consultation we can:

  • Evaluate your site and building

  • Estimate construction costs

  • Discuss any water penetration or structural concerns you may have

  • Chat with you about your home and your family and the way you live and how this will relate to your project plans

  • Provide feedback about what your home is lacking and ways of improving the aesthetics and function

  • Ask you what frustrates you about your home, and make constructive & realistic suggestions, to find solutions to your problems

  • If you are able to provide a plan of the existing home (for renovations) we can overlay butter paper on your current house plans and provide a diagrammatic understanding of the possibilities.

At this time we will also offer our clients the opportunity to have these renovation ideas confirmed on butter paper back at the office. This is a separate 3-4 hour service ($150/hr) where we produce a pencil sketch plan that is resolved and easy to ready. This will be drawn to scale and you can discuss this with your builder.


Newcastle, Lake MacQuarie, Smiths LakeBrooklyn, North Shore, Wahroonga, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Pearl Beach, Terrigal

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